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Title TypeEps.Score

R-15 add

R-15 is about a boy, Taketo Akutagawa, who attends a school for geniuses: Inspiration Academy Private High School. Taketo is a genius novelist and writes erotica. Despite negative perceptions many more.

TV 12 6.42

R-15: R15 Shounen Hyouryuuki add

According to Kadokawa, an OVA of R-15 will be bundled with the tenth volume of the novel.

OVA 1 6.65

R.O.D: Read or Die add

Yomiko Readman is a lovable, near-sighted bibliomaniac working as a substitute teacher at a Japanese high school. Her real identity, however, is that of a secret agent for the British Library more.

OVA 3 7.61

R.O.D: The TV add

Anita King, Maggie Mui, and Michelle Cheung are the Paper Sisters. They run the Three Sisters Detective Agency in Hong Kong which is dedicated to solving cases involving books. They are hired as more.

TV 26 7.52

R.Yuk add

Music video for the song R.Yuk by Kankan.

Music 1 N/A

R20: Ginga Kuukou add

A pilot film for an unmade Gainax anime that was planned to follow their first movie, Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise. However, Wings of Honneamise failed at the box office and with the more.

Special 1 5.55

Ra/Radio Noise*Planet add

A planet with 6 inhabitants only. In order to match the tuning of the radio, the main character walks around and meets the 5 other inhabitants. A strange SF short animation.

OVA 1 5.72

Rabbit add

Music Video for "Rabbit" by LITE from "For all the innocence". (Source: YouTube)

Music 1 5.09

Rabbits Kingdom the Movie add

Movie 1 N/A

RabbiTube Mini add

Series of short videos celebrating each of the 16 idols' birthdays, featuring the birthday idol along with two supporting characters in each episode.

ONA 16 N/A

RabbiTube: Creator ni Challenge! add

Short videos are released each month on YouTube to celebrate the character's birthdays.

ONA 16 7.12

Rabby CC: Carol de Xinling Shijie add

ONA 25 N/A

Advertisem*nts for JRA-VAN's racehorse software.

CM 2 5.32

Racy add

Music video for the song Racy by Ako (a子).

Music 1 N/A

Radiant add

Nemeses—powerful and mysterious demonic entities that fall from the sky and vaporize anything they touch. The only ones who can combat these creatures are Sorcerers, those who have survived an more.

TV 21 6.88

Radiant 2nd Season add

After fleeing from Rumble Town, Seth, Doc and Melie are back at the Artemis Institute. Thanks to Alma, Seth learns more about Piodon, his mysterious brother. But the quest for the Nemeses mythical more.

TV 21 7.57

Radio Wave add

Numbers stations were prominently used during the Cold War. A boy was tuning the radio in the snow mountain and happened to tune the shortwave of codes.

Movie 1 5.75

Ragna Crimson add

Said to be humanity's natural enemy, formidable dragons that belong to an ancient bloodline roam the world. Only two ways prove effective to kill a dragon: freezing their blood with silverine—an more.

TV 24 7.54

Ragnarök The Animation add

A great evil is sweeping over the realm; an evil that the young swordsman Roan and his life-long companion, the acolyte Yufa, must face head on! For these two travel toward their destiny, from the more.

TV 26 6.45

Ragnastrike Angels add

In the near future, massive hostile beings called "Fiarem" are waging war on Earth. To defend the world from this alien threat, Japan unleashes a special team known as "Ragna Strikers"—six young more.

TV 12 4.30

RahXephon add

The ordinary life of high school student Ayato Kamina is turned upside down when Tokyo is suddenly invaded by futuristic fighter jets. Amidst the chaos, he encounters a woman called Haruka sh*tow more.

TV 26 7.38

RahXephon Specials add

DVD Specials for the series RahXephon. 1. Memories (Episode 9.5) 2. Ichiko Hashimoto - The Fate of Katun

Special 2 6.38

RahXephon: Kansoukyoku/Kanojo to Kanojo Jishin to - Thatness and Thereness add

Quon Kisaragi was surprised when she saw an illusion of herself floating in midair. This other "self" of her claimed that she is a fragment of Quon. Thus an existentialistic dialogue began between more.

OVA 1 6.27

RahXephon: Tagen Hensoukyoku add

Ayato Kamina was separated from the girl he loved, Haruka Mishima, when an event occurred that was thought to have killed everyone outside of Tokyo. But one day three years later, invaders suddenly more.

Movie 1 6.99

Raikou Shinki Aigis Magia: Pandra Saga 3rd Ignition - The Animation add

OVA 2 5.51

Rail Romanesque add

The year is 1989. After the nation of Hinomoto was destabilized during the past World War, the rise of new technologies has enabled its revitalization. Modern engineering has given birth to aircraft, more.

TV 12 5.16

Rail Romanesque 2 add

Second season of Rail Romanesque.

TV 13 5.66

Rail Wars! add

Rail Wars! takes place in an alternate universe where the Japanese government remains in control of the nation's railway systems. Because of the stability afforded by the leadership of the government, more.

TV 12 6.39

Railment add

Short film by Shunsaku Hayashi. In a continuous scenery, his physical movement stays in the same position. The speed of the continuity and his movement have accelerated and gradually cause a more.

Movie 1 N/A

Rain Town add

An independent animated short-film by Hiroyasu Ishida, the animator of Fumiko no Kokuhaku. In a small, forgotten town where the rain never stops, a chance encounter between a robot and an more.

ONA 1 7.10

Rain: Memory of Cloud. 1 add

A psychedelic anime that starts with irregular ink bleeding and develops with increasing degree of chaos.

Movie 1 5.27

Rainbow add

Short animation of a man pole vaulting with a rainbow-colored shape. As the shape bends, straightens, and moves, there are several different techniques to be observed.

Movie 1 4.81

Rainbow Bubblegem add

TV 26 N/A

Rainbow Finder: Tokimeki wa, Sugu Soba ni. add

Advertisem*nts for 7-Eleven, highlighting the small encounters of some students that lighten up the day.

CM 3 5.98

Rainbow no Anime Bako add

A boy looks into a box and sees a rainbow kaleidoscope display. But every time the boy looks in, the images change.

TV Special 1 N/A

Rainbow Ruby add

At Ruby's house, a small event related to the main plot of each episode occurs, before a red jewellery on the chest of Choco, Ruby's Teddy bear, flashes with a melody. Ruby then takes Choco to her more.

TV 26 N/A

Rainbow Ruby 2nd Season add

The second season of Rainbow Ruby.

TV 26 N/A

Rainbow Scene add

A triple projection film where the projections are positioned side-by-side. (Source: Collaborative Cataloging Japan)

Movie 1 N/A

Rainbow Sentai Robin add

A squadron of robots defends the planet against alien invaders. (Source: AniDB)

TV 48 5.85

Rainbow Signal: Hi-Fi Set add

These are six loosely-related anime/live-action music videos from the band Hi-Fi Set. For the most part, they form a story about the love life of two cute dragons who live in a high-tech future more.

Music 1 5.84

Rainbow Stairway add

A music video for one of Ensemble Star's duos, Jin Sagami & Akiomi Kunugi, of their song Rainbow Stairway.

Music 1 6.01

Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin add

Japan, 1955: Mario Minakami has just arrived at Shounan Special Reform School along with five other teenagers who have been arrested on serious criminal charges. All assigned to the same cell, they more.

TV 26 8.47

RainMan add

Music video for the song RainMan by androp.

Music 1 N/A

Rainy Boots add

Official music video for the song Rainy Boots by inabakumori.

Music 1 6.54

Raise Unicorn no Kubisuji Ushiro no Hokuro ni Naritai add

It's the day before the last performance by THE PARADISE. Three fans who have never met get trapped in an elevator. They talk about their favorite band member, Unicorn, while they wait to be more.

Movie 1 N/A

Raise wa Tanin ga Ii add

Yoshino Somei would have been a normal high-schooler if not for the fact that she is the granddaughter of the leader of the Osaka-based Somei Group, the Kansai region's largest yakuza organization. more.

TV - N/A

Raison d'être add

Music video for Eve's second major single Raison d'être.

Music 1 7.55

Raiyantsuuri no Uta add

An indentured Chinese laborer, brought to Japan to work in a coal mine during WWII, manages to escape his captors. He hides out in the Japanese countryside, so far from human habitation that he does more.

Movie 1 6.97

Raja Maharaja add

A Minna no Uta song about the life of a potentate, sung by Togawa Jun.

Music 1 4.69

Rakka-sei add

An original concept movie directed by banishment (of Flat Studio). This animation is accompanied with the songs "Slumber" and "Kaede" by Eve. Kaede, a high school boy living in Tokyo, was plagued by more.

ONA 1 6.03
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