Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib live result and highlights from YouTube boxing fight (2024)

AnEsonGib announced himself again as a major player in YouTube boxing with a stunning come-from-behind knockout victory over Austin McBroom in the main event. The Brit was dropped in the first, before getting back up and knocking out his bitter rival with five knockdowns.

Having lost his professional debut in embarrassing fashion and a robbery in his comeback fight, all eyes were on the Saudi Arabian-born influencer. And he delivered with a classic showing in YouTube boxing history as he got up from a knockdown and landed five of his own to put down Social Gloves promoter McBroom.

You can also re-cap all of the action right here...

Martin Domin

McBroom taken to hospital

Presumably as a precaution but Austin McBroom will be checked out by a doctor.


VIDEO: Watch the final knockdown

Martin Domin

KSI performs instant U-turn

Donagh Corby

Gib's next move confirmed?

Donagh Corby

Bryce Hall can't resist a pop

Martin Domin

KSI rules out fight with Gib

Donagh Corby

JiDion reacts

Donagh Corby

What a fight!

A disaster of an event from start to finish ends with a classic YouTube boxing match, with AnEsonGib landing a massive knockout victory.

Donagh Corby

KSI goes in on Austin McBroom

Donagh Corby

Jake Paul congratules AnEsonGib


AnEsonGib bts Austin McBroom by KO in Round 4

What a come-from-behind victory for AnEsonGib. He goes down in the first and gets up to drop McBroom five times!

A fantastic YouTube boxing war, one of the best since the scene began in 2018.

AnEsonGib is the real deal!


Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib - Round 4

McBroom's legs aren't back under him yet, Gib has the winnings of this fight.


Gib himself looks surprised at how well he's turned this around, McBroom needs to hold and stop trying to fight.


Jack Reiss stops Gib from finishing this fight, McBroom on wobbly legs and IT'S ALL OVER!



Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib - Round 3

Gib is putting the pressure on, but he's not landing enough.

McBroom lands a big one, then Gib gets right back with a shot.

But Gib is not slowing down, which McBroom may just be.

Gib with a big shot.

McBroom lands a big left, but Gib's counter is bigger and DOWN GOES MCBROOM!

What a fight we have here, Gib just needs to calm down for a minute, and McBroom needs to hold on.



Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib - Round 2

Gib aggressive as always, but McBroom measured here.

McBroom stiffens Gib's legs with a big shot.

Now McBroom putting on the pressure, but he has a little glance at the clock, is he tiring?

Uppercut almost lands for McBroom, Gib smothers.

Gib putting in a shift here, but it appears clear that McBroom is the boxer here.


Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib - Round 1

We are underway at the Banc of California Stadium.

McBroom lands the first shot of the night, Gib with his famous movement and they end up inside close.

These two seem well matched and DOWN GOES GIB!

McBroom breaks the guard and halfway through the first round we have our first knockdown.

Gib with a big left that makes McBroom step back for a minute. And another one, this time a right.

McBroom's first pro round is a 10-8, and Gib technically has not lasted a round as a professional without going down.

Donagh Corby

The main event is upon us

Gib looks focused, McBroom looks to be having a bit more fun with it.

Donagh Corby

Austin McBroom hits the ring

Flanked by former world champion Regis Prograis, here comes the man of the hour!

Donagh Corby

Austin McBroom making his way to the ring now

His entourage may be bigger than the crowd in the stands!

Donagh Corby

AnEsonGib makes the walk

Here comes 'Big Gibber', the crowd that is there seem receptive to him at least.

He walks out to The Alan Parsons Project's 'Sirius', better known as the Chicago Bulls theme song.

Donagh Corby

Time for the main event

We get national anthems for the UK and the US, now it's fight time!

Donagh Corby

Nick Young speaks

"I felt good, I hit him a lot, I felt I came and did what I had to do. He hit me with a cheap shot and that's what you've got to do when you're losing. I don't want him getting a headbutt at the end and thinking he won off a headbutt, I don't know how you can think he won.

"I'm just glad I got in the ring for the first time, got my jitters out, felt good and did this for the city. I did it for my mom, my trainers Phil, Dmitry, the whole of LA, my mom, my dad, my brother we're from Cali and that's what I'm doing it for. I'm out here trying stuff and having fun.

"It takes guts to get in this ring, I dare anybody to try it. It's easy to watch and talk trash from the outside like a lot of these girls were doing. I know I'd beat up their mans on the side too. Of course [I'd do it again], I'm 1-0."

Donagh Corby

Minikon speaks

"I had two days to prepare, I definitely would have gave a better show if I had more time to prepare but it's whatever, bro. I respect that man over there, I don't feel like I headbutted him, they said I headbutted him but whatever, I put it on for the triple D. Bedford, Funkytown Fort Worth, we out here.

"I hit him in the back of the head one time, I apologise for that but that's it. I mean, Blueface already know, he saw if he wants it I'm right here, easy. Shout out to my momma, shout out to Rebecca, Will, everybody at home watching, Kelly. I love y'all, we out here."


Nick 'Swaggy P' Young and Minikon ends with no result

Farcical all around. They called it a "clash of heads", but Nick Young quit.

Donagh Corby

Nick 'Swaggy P' Young vs Minikon - Round 4

Minikon sends Young through the ropes!

Young was barely touched before being sent out of the ring and the fight is stopped.

No winner will be declared, so can Minikon celebrate? He's dancing in the ring anyway.

What a wacky show.

Donagh Corby

Nick 'Swaggy P' Young vs Minikon - Round 3

The round starts with some wild shots and we get a time out after Minikon lands to the back of the head.

Young looks tired here, but he fires through a big left hook and Minikon eats it!

Minikon showing the signs of being a guy who wasn't training at all three days ago.

Donagh Corby

Nick 'Swaggy P' Young vs Minikon - Round 2

Action packed round here, Swaggy P sends the mouthpiece of Minikon flying.

Minikon then lands a big shot of his own, this is a mad little fight.

These lads are definitely delivering the entertainment, Minikon should easily be able to stop this if he can get his feet under him.

Donagh Corby

Nick 'Swaggy P' Young vs Minikon - Round 1

We need to stop referring to 37-year-old Nick Young as 'Swaggy P'.

Young staying at distance, Minikon lands one but gets hit with a right hook for his troubles.

Young really looks like nothing special, his defence is non-existant, but Minikon needs to get inside.

Really weird round of boxing there.

Donagh Corby

Swaggy P vs Minikon up next

They're still calling it the 'Battle of LA', despite Minikon being from Texas...

Donagh Corby

Minikon declares he's at an 8/10 in terms of confidence

He faces Nick 'Swaggy P' Young tonight in the co-main event.


LeVeon Bell bts Adrian Peterson by KO (No winner declared)

Bell puts down Peterson and stops the fight, but no winner is declared in farcical exhibition rules.

Austin McBroom vs AnEsonGib live result and highlights from YouTube boxing fight (2024)
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