Bandra East vs Bandra West: Where to invest? (2023)

Bandra East and Bandra West are the two prominent localities in southwest Mumbai, offering a host of luxury and ultra-luxury apartments. However, both the micro-markets differ in terms of property prices, growth opportunities and investment potential. Here is a comparative analysis between the two locales to help you make an informed home buying decision.

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Bandra, a locality in southwest Mumbai, enjoys considerable popularity among home seekers due to its proximity to the well-established areas of Santacruz, Khar, and Palli Hill and hassle-free connectivity to Thane and Navi Mumbai via local train and Western Express Highway (WEH). The Central Business District (CBD) of Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) at six km also ensures undeterred attention from home buyers and tenants alike. It is perhaps one of the mostcoveted residential destinations in Mumbai. However, before you take a plunge and invest in the micro-market, it is crucial to delve into the details and understand its investment potential.

The upscale coastal suburb of Bandra is divided into two sub-markets- Bandra East and Bandra West. While the price difference is surely a factor that distinct both localities from each other, Bandra West is a sea-facing locality comprising ultra-luxury apartments.

Comparative analysis between Bandra East and Bandra West

An overview:

Bandra West: The region has majorly evolved as a residential hub having a good mix of luxury and ultra-luxury properties. Many renowned celebrities reside in the area. Besides, the locality also boasts of some of the high-profile pubs and retail avenues, such as Turner Road, Hill Road, and SV Road.

On the connectivity front, Bandra West is excellently linked with the rest of the city via Bandra Railway Station. The connectivity quotient of the area would improve further with the scheduled operationalisation of Bandra Metro Station on Line 2 in May 2021.

Bandra East: It is a centrally located neighbourhood comprising a higher share of commercial developments and a relatively lower mix of housing inventory. The presence of BKC and propinquity to other employment hubs, such as Andheri MIDC, SEEPZ SEZ, and HDIL Kaledonia, drive the residential demand in the area. In terms of connectivity, Bandra East ensures seamless travel to all parts of Mumbai, including Navi Mumbai and Thane via the Western Express Highway (WEH), Sion Bandra Link Road, BKC Road, and the Santacruz Chembur Link Road (SCLR). The under-construction Colaba-SEEPZ Metro, which is likely to become operational by December 2021, would further enhance the connectivity of the region.

Residential development:

Bandra West: Over 90 percent of properties available for sale in Bandra West are multi-storey apartments, with nearly 60 percent of them being 2 BHK and 3 BHK configurations.

Bandra East: Similar to Bandra West, Bandra East also houses residential apartments in the majority. Only a meagre three percent of properties are independent houses. Over 70 percent of properties available here are 2 and 3 BHK configurations.

Bandra East vs Bandra West: Where to invest? (3)

Capital and Rental Rates:

Bandra East: Property rates in Bandra East are lower than the western counterpart. Currently, the average capital values in this locality stand at Rs 32,000 per sq ft. Over 50 percent of properties in this locality are priced below Rs 5 crore.

Bandra West: Around 55 percent of properties available for sale in Bandra West are priced above Rs 5 crore; whereas, 40 percent are available in the range of Rs 1.5 crore-Rs 5 crore. As per 99acres Insite Report for Oct-Dec 2020, the average property rates in Bandra West hover around Rs 41,000 per sq ft.

According to Tauqeer Hashmi, Owner, Maharashtra Properties, “Property rates in Bandra West are around Rs 10 lakh-20 lakh costlier than the eastern counterpart due to the presence of the Film City. A 1 BHK in Bandra West, measuring 350-450 sq ft, is likely to cost Rs 1.15 crore and onwards, whereas, you can get the same apartment in Rs 1 crore in Bandra East.”

Capital rates in Bandra


Average value (per sq ft)

QoQ Change

YoY Change

Bandra East

Rs 32,000



Bandra West

Rs 41,000



Source: 99acres Insite report Oct-Dec 2020

Rental rates in Bandra (per month)





Bandra East

Rs 21,000-26,000

Rs 58,000-69,000

Rs 99,000-1,35,000

Bandra West

Rs 42,000-51,000

Rs 64,000-78,000

Rs 1.10-1.40 lakh

Source: 99acres Listings

Investment potential

In terms of development, Bandra West has reached a saturation point, whereas Bandra East holds immense development potential.Hashmi adds, “While one of the bordering localities of Bandra East is Dharavi, which is dominated by slums, the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) has taken over the work to make this area free of such settlements and the redevelopment is going on in full swing. If you are looking for short-term appreciation, then invest in Bandra West since it is a developed locale. However, if you are willing to stay in the market for long and reap higher capital returns, then you should consider Bandra East.”

Bandra has always been a preferred choice among expatriates and elite homebuyers in Mumbai. The Portuguese architecture of the locality, old churches and world-class residential developments set it apart from other areas in the city. Besides, the lush greenery milieu and open spaces have also been its unique selling propositions. However, before you make a residential investment in Bandra East or Bandra West, it is advisable to consult an area-based real estate agent.

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are for informational purposes only based on industry reports and related news stories. 99acres does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information and shall not be held responsible for any action taken based on the published information.


Which is better Bandra East or Bandra West? ›

While Bandra East offers affordability and accessibility, Bandra West offers a more upscale lifestyle and better connectivity.

Which is the best place in Mumbai to invest? ›

1. Andheri - Well Known and the Best Place for Real Estate Investment in Mumbai. Andheri is among the top areas in Mumbai, well-known for its vast connectivity. It is a reliable investment opportunity as it is one of the most preferred locations for several multinational corporations.

Which side of Bandra is best? ›

The western side of Bandra developed into a fashionable suburb around the 20th century. Bandra West is also famous for its restaurants, street-side shopping, Churches, and other attractions listed below.

Which is the richest part of Mumbai? ›

Colaba. Situated at the Southern part of Mumbai, Colaba is one of the four peninsulas of Mumbai. The other three are Worli, Bandra and Malabar Hill. It is one of the wealthiest neighborhood in India, known for high-end boutiques, malls and is one of the major tourist attractions in the city.

Which is the best place to buy a house in Mumbai? ›

Worli is now being considered as the best well-connected locality. It lies between BKC and Nariman Point and hence gives connectivity to both the important business districts in Mumbai. Homebuyers look out for flats in Worli to own a house which is sea facing and also in an upmarket neighborhood.

Is Bandra East a good place to live? ›

Bandra East is a very good locality, All basic amenities like hospitals , schools, colleges and markets are available nearby. It is easy connectivity towards Central and Western line. It takes only 10 minutes to reach Bandra Station, 15 minutes to Bandra Kurla complex and only 20 minutes to reach domestic airport.

Which celebrity lives in Bandra East? ›

Actors like Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham, Siddharth Malhotra, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Salman Khan have their primary residence in Bandra.

Which celebrity lives in Bandra West? ›

Gauri Khan & Shah Rukh Khan's Mannat Bungalow in Bandra

Mannat is in Bandra and has been very tastefully decorated by the talented Gauri.At Bandra Bandstand in Bandra West, Shahrukh Khan's Home – Mannat bungalow has six stories and faces the Arabian Sea.

Which city has highest investment in India? ›

There are several cities in India that are considered to be top places for real estate investment. Some of the most popular choices among investors include: Mumbai: Known as the financial capital of India, Mumbai offers a wide range of properties at different price points.

Where to invest 100k in India? ›

Here are some of these options:
  • Recurring Deposits. Recurring deposits come with the flexibility to invest an amount every month. ...
  • Money Market Account. It is an interest-bearing account at a bank or a credit union. ...
  • Debt Instruments. ...
  • Bank Fixed Deposits. ...
  • Post- Office Time Deposits. ...
  • Large Cap Mutual Funds. ...
  • Corporate Deposits.

Which is the most attractive investment destination in India? ›

Gujarat and Rajasthan Emerge as India's Leading Investment Destinations. Gujarat and Rajasthan have emerged as two of India's top states for attracting corporate investments, inviting investments worth INR 3.98 trillion and INR 2.91 trillion, respectively, in FY 2022.

Is Bandra West a posh area? ›

Bandra West

Besides being one of the posh areas in Mumbai, it is an entertainment hub that includes high-end nightclubs, restaurants and discotheques.

Why is Bandra West so expensive? ›

The reason is that there is no real land available. Redevelopment of standalone buildings is hardly attractive and slum rehabilitation projects are complex to get started.

Is Bandra West a good area to live? ›

Is Bandra west a posh locality? Yes, the lifestyle and amenities in and around Bandra west and price of properties in this locality, make it a post neighbourhood. It is a good residential place for locals and expats.

Which city in India is billionaire? ›

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and is also home to the maximum number of wealth creators of the country with over 280 of the richest Indians residing in the city that is also known as the 'City of Dreams'.

Which areas in Mumbai rich people live? ›

Also known as the financial capital of India, Mumbai has several plush locales that are home to some of the eminent personalities of the country. Malabar Hill, Cuffe Parade, Juhu, Bandra, and Worli are the most expensive localities in Mumbai, with property prices hovering at Rs 30,000-60,000 per sq ft.

Where do expats live in Mumbai? ›

Bandra West

Known as the Queen of Suburbs, Bandra is a popular home for expats as well as Bollywood stars. It is widely accepted as one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the city that is as sophisticated as it is trendy.

Which floor is best to live in apartment in Mumbai? ›

In cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru, upper floors are preferred, while in Delhi-NCR and Chennai lower floors are the first choice for rental purposes.”

Is Mumbai unhappiest city to buy house? ›

Mumbai is the most expensive city in India to buy property.

Mumbai may be the most expensive city in India to buy property but it is also the least happy place to buy a house in the world. Gujarat's Surat is fifth on the list, a survey by a UK firm, Online Mortgage Advisor, has revealed.

Which city is best for property investment in Maharashtra? ›

Pune is one of the greatest cities in the state to invest in real estate since property values there offer homeowners a desirable Return-on-Investment (ROI). Investments in real estate rose by 75% in 2022, and 2023 is expected to see a continuation of this pattern.

What is special about Bandra Mumbai? ›

What is Bandra known for? Bandra is known to be home to several Bollywood celebrities. It is also the place where the famous Mount Mary Church and St Andrew Church are located let alone the famous Bandra-Worli Sea Link and Bandstand Promenade.

Where do celebs live in Bandra? ›

Shah Rukh Khan & Gauri Khan's home, Mannat

One of India's most well-known celebrities, SRK, and his wife Gauri live in Mannat, arguably Bandra's most recognisable landmark. The opulent mansion, which spans more than 27,000 square feet, has six levels.

Which area is better Juhu or Bandra? ›

Go with Bandra. Juhu has one road that goes through it that is filled with traffic most of the day. It has several hotels and a few restaurants but that is about it. Bandra, on the other hand, has many restaurants, stores, and resembles a proper community.

Where does Ranbir Kapoor live in Bandra? ›

Ranbir Kapoor House Price

The actor paid a hefty premium of 1.42 lakh/ sqft and a total sum of Rs 35 Crore for his house in the Vastu Building in Pali Hill, Bandra.

Where does Karan Johar live in Bandra? ›

Karan Johar House Address

Karan Johar owns a lavish 8,000 square-foot sea-facing duplex house in Carter Road, Bandra, in Mumbai. Carter Road is one of the most posh areas of Mumbai and also among the most expensive. Many other actors own a house along Carter Road, including Varun Dhawan.

Who lives in Galaxy Apartments Bandra? ›

Galaxy Apartments, Salman Khan house in Mumbai is bigger than many tourist spots in Mumbai. The huge building is an abode for Salman's entire family, who live together in that exquisite building. Salman Khan has been in the film industry for over 20 years and has some of the most loved films to his credit.

Who has the most beautiful house in Bollywood? ›

Shahrukh Khan: The self-made superstar, who successfully made his journey from rags to riches, bought his dream house 'Mannat' back in 2001 at a whopping ₹13.32 crore. Located in Bandstand in Bandra West, the sea-facing 6 floor building has now turned into a famous tourist spot in Mumbai.

Where do most TV actors live in Mumbai? ›

Bandra, Mumbai

It is an upscale residential area where most celebrities reside. Bandra is known for these amazing places such as Bandstand Promenade, Hill Road, and Mannat – Shah Rukh Khan's Home.

Who is the owner of royalty Bandra? ›

Club Royalty by Shilpa Shetty

Earlier the club was owned by Shilpa Shetty Kundra but now Sohail Khan has bought this and is a frequent visitor too. The lounge is elegant and stands for the lavishness which makes pubbing a great experience.

Where do Indian millionaires invest their money? ›

84% of the investable wealth of Indian UHNWIs is allocated between equities, real estate and bonds. Investments in commercial real estate, either directly or through funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS), make up 25% of portfolio of Indian UHNWIs, as per the report.

Where to invest money in India to become rich? ›

10 options where you can invest money in India
  • Stocks. Stocks are one of India's most popular investment options. ...
  • Mutual funds. Mutual funds are a common pool of money invested in multiple assets like equities, bonds, etc. ...
  • Fixed deposits. ...
  • Gold. ...
  • Real estate. ...
  • Bonds. ...
  • Saving schemes. ...
  • SIP mutual funds.
Jan 31, 2023

What city has the highest return on investment? ›

RankCityReturn on Investment (%)
1Saint Petersburg31.1
46 more rows
Feb 21, 2020

How to invest $500,000 in India? ›

What is the best way to invest Rs 5 Lakh in India?
  1. Fixed deposit: ...
  2. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS): ...
  3. Mutual funds: ...
  4. Equity markets: ...
  5. Real estate:
Oct 25, 2017

Where to invest 40 lakhs in India? ›

Investment Options to Invest 40 Lakh
  • Immediate and Deferred Annuity Plans. These products can be classified under a Pension plan which generally comes with a guaranteed income stream after retirement. ...
  • Lump Sum Mutual Fund. ...
  • Unit-Linked Insurance Plans. ...
  • Guaranteed Monthly Income Schemes. ...
  • Fixed Deposits.

How far does 100k usd go in india? ›

Today i.e. Friday 17/03/2023 , for 100000 US Dollar you get 8255000 Indian Rupees. In case of any change in the exchange rate of USD to INR, there will be automatic recalculation of the amount.

Where to invest safely in India? ›

Top 6 Safe Investments in India
  • Bank Fixed Deposit (FD)
  • Public Provident Fund (PPF)
  • National Pension Scheme (NPS)
  • Gold.
  • 7.75% GoI Savings Bond.
  • Recurring Deposit (RD)
  • National Savings Certificate (NSC)
  • Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS)
Jan 20, 2023

Which country is no 1 investor in India? ›

Mauritius, Singapore, the U.S., the Netherlands, Japan, the U.K., Germany, and the United Arab Emirates are the main investing countries in India. Investments were mainly oriented towards services, computer software and hardware, telecommunications, trade, the automobile industry, construction, and chemicals.

Where should one invest right now in India? ›

Best investment plans in India
  • Stocks. Stocks represent a share of ownership in a company or an entity. ...
  • Fixed deposit. Fixed deposit is an ideal investment tool for risk-averse investors. ...
  • Mutual funds. ...
  • Senior citizen savings scheme. ...
  • Public provident fund. ...
  • NPS. ...
  • Real Estate. ...
  • Gold Bonds.

Which is more expensive Bandra or Juhu? ›

Juhu is found in the west suburbs of Mumbai and is one of the foremost expensive areas within the city. Celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, and Akshay Kumar own villas in Mumbai, which is an unusual property type in an exceeding city like Mumbai.

Is BKC Bandra east or west? ›

Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai.

What is Bandra called nowadays? ›

Bandra ([bæːɳɖɾa]) is a coastal suburb located in Mumbai (Bombay), part of the Konkan division in Maharashtra, India.

Do autos go to Bandra West? ›

Auto rickshaws operating in the rest of Mumbai cannot go past the southern edge of Bandra Fire Station in Western Mumbai and Sion Bus Depot in Central Mumbai. This rule is implemented to primarily ease congestion on the streets of South Mumbai.

Who owns the most expensive house in Mumbai? ›

Antilia, the second most luxurious and expensive house, is the residence of Asia's richest family, the Ambani family.

What is the best time to shop in Bandra? ›

Enter the market only after 1.30 PM (anytime before, would be a waste – Perfect time would be 3.00! That's the time you'll find people selling chic products on the street). If you love shopping in peace, avoid evenings!

Which side is best in Mumbai? ›

South Bombay is among the best areas to live in Mumbai.

Where do most billionaires in India live? ›

Are you living with the richest? Top Indian cities where billionaires live
  1. #1 Mumbai. Number of billionaires: 283.
  2. #2 Delhi. Number of billionaires: 185. ...
  3. #3 Bengaluru. Number of billionaires: 89. ...
  4. #4 Hyderabad. Number of billionaires: 64. ...
  5. #5 Chennai. Number of billionaires: 51. ...
  6. #6 Ahmedabad. ...
  7. #7 Kolkata. ...
  8. #8 Pune. ...
Dec 29, 2022

What are the top 3 richest cities of India? ›

Mumbai – City Of Dreams - $310 Billions Delhi – Multicultural Hub Of India - $293.6 Billions Kolkata – Talent Hub Of India - $150 Billions Bengaluru – Silicon Valley Of India - $110 Billions Chennai – Detroit Of South Asia - $78.6 Billions Hyderabad – City Of Pearls - $75 Billions Pune – Oxford Of The East - $69 ...

Which city is full of billionaires? ›

In 2022, Forbes listed New York City with the most billionaires at 107 people, followed by Beijing with 83 billionaires, and Hong Kong in third place with 68 billionaires.

Which is the most VIP area in Mumbai? ›

Here are the top 12 posh areas in Mumbai/Mumbai's posh area names/posh localities in Mumbai, the most inviting neighbourhoods of Mumbai.
  • Bandra Bandstand. ...
  • Malabar Hill. ...
  • Altamount Road. ...
  • Hiranandani, Powai. ...
  • JVPD Scheme. ...
  • Pali Hill, Bandra. ...
  • Worli Sea Face. ...
  • Seven Bungalows, Versova.

Where do middle class live in Mumbai? ›

What are the best places to live in Mumbai for a middle-class family? Mumbai offers quality living options like Chembur, Malad, Ghatkopar, Kandivali, Borivali, Dahisar, Dadar when it comes to a middle-class family Thane, Vasai, Vikhroli, Vashi, Sanpada, Jogeshwari, etc.

What is the costliest apartment in Mumbai? ›

In India's most expensive apartment purchase ever, Bajaj Auto Chairman Niraj Bajaj has reportedly bought a sea-facing apartment in Mumbai's posh Malabar Hill area for a phenomenal Rs 252.5 crore.

Where do American expats live in India? ›

These cities are some of the favourites among expats choosing to settle in India.
  • Bengaluru. ...
  • Pune. ...
  • Chandigarh and Gandhinagar. ...
  • Kolkata. ...
  • Mumbai.

Which is the best place for NRI to live in Mumbai? ›

The best locations to invest in Mumbai is Thane and Navi Mumbai. The average rates for property here are 9200 square feet. Pune- Pune is also the most sought after cities for NRIs to buy property in India.

Which is the safest area in Mumbai? ›

Parel/Lower Parel

It is known for both commercial and residential places in Mumbai. It has some of the topmost residential complexes of the city and also lots of commercial complexes including the Kamala Mills. It is one of the posh areas of Mumbai and is also considered amongst the safe areas of the city.

What floor is the safest in an apartment? ›

Increased security

The top floor is the most secure out of all the levels. Thieves or other invaders will rarely make their way to the top of the building. If you're on the top, you can feel safe from people who might push into the building from the outside.

Which floor is safest during an earthquake? ›

Hence, staying in top floor of a high-rise building is practically safer than to be in the open street among the stampede of fear-stricken people. Tall buildings offer maximum security from an earthquake jolt if the areas do not fall in the epicenter of extremely powerful earthquake.

Where is the happiest place to buy house in India? ›

Which are the best places to buy a house in India? Panvel - Mumbai, Mahadevpura - Bangalore, Hebbal - Bangalore, Mira Road East - Mumbai, Andheri - Mumbai, Sector 60 - Noida, Saket - Delhi are a few best places to buy a house.

What is the top happiest city in the world to buy a house? ›

Barcelona in Spain and Florence in Italy were the happiest places to buy property in the world, the survey said. Barcelona's homebuyer photos scored an average happiness score of 95.4 out of a possible 100, which is a whopping 15.6 percent over the global average happiness level of homebuyers, it said.

Where is ROI highest in Maharashtra? ›

Nashik: Maharashtra's highest ROI property market.

Which city in India has highest ROI on property? ›

There are several cities in India that are considered to be top places for real estate investment. Some of the most popular choices among investors include: Mumbai: Known as the financial capital of India, Mumbai offers a wide range of properties at different price points.

Which is the rich area in Bandra? ›

Bandra West

The locality offers varied housing options and is particularly famous for celebrity homes like Shah Rukh Khan's Mannat and Salman Khan's Galaxy Apartment. Besides being one of the posh areas in Mumbai, it is an entertainment hub that includes high-end nightclubs, restaurants and discotheques.

Where is the best property in Mumbai? ›

The best places for real estate investment in Mumbai include Andheri, Panvel, Wadala, Chembur, Thane West, Virar, Khar, and many more. Let's have a look at these localities in detail and know why they are the top areas for investment.

Which is the most posh area in Bandra? ›

Bandra West

The locality offers varied housing options and is particularly famous for celebrity homes like Shah Rukh Khan's Mannat and Salman Khan's Galaxy Apartment. Besides being one of the posh areas in Mumbai, it is an entertainment hub that includes high-end nightclubs, restaurants and discotheques.

Is Bandra West a good area? ›

Yes, Bandra West is a safe locality to stay in.

Is Bandra Fair east or west? ›

The focal point of the Bandra Fair is the Mount Mary Basilica (offical name “Basilica Of Our Lady Of The Mount“) on Mt Mary Road. Bandra (West), Mumbai – 400050. Mt Mary Church is near Bandra Bandstand, Hill Road, Chapel Road, Mt Carmel Road, St John Baptist Road and St Andrew's Church.

Where do all rich people live in Mumbai? ›

Malabar Hill is not only Mumbai's most affluent neighbourhood, but also India's most exclusive residential address, with the majority of residents being billionaires and millionaires. Aside from opulent condos and penthouses, the hillock area is home to a few marquee properties worth Rs 300 crores and above.

How far is Bandra West from airport? ›

The distance between Bandra West and Mumbai Airport (BOM) is 5 km.

How big is Bandra West? ›

Bandra West
Area (2020)5.24 km²
Male Population92052
Female Population84656
Nearest airport & distance (Aerial)Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, 4.27 km
Nearest Railway Station & Distance (Aerial)Bandra, 0.97 km
2 more rows

Why is Bandra called the queen of suburbs? ›

Bandra is one of the most famous localities in Mumbai, the financial and entertainment capital of India. What was once a small village inhabited by the fishermen community, has today emerged as one of the most posh localities of Mumbai.

Why is Bandra called Vandre? ›

In Konkani, bandar is a loanword from Parsi (Persian) meaning harbour or port. In Marathi, Bandra is known as Vandre, which means 'port' and is possibly derived from the same Hindi-Urdu/ Persian word meaning the same.

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