Citrus-Glazed Sweet Potatoes Recipe (2024)

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I really wanted to love this. And we did enjoy the sweet, citrusy glaze. However, the orange zest strips were unpleasantly chewy. I think I’ll repeat, but this time perhaps microplane the zest. My sweet potatoes were soft and the glaze thick in a little over an hour.


Made this last night. I cut the potatoes much thinner, into around 1/4 inch rounds which I cut in half or quarters to get closer to bite size. I cooked at 375 bit covered for half the time to prevent the glaze from burning. Total cooking time of one hour. This was really good. Sweet with a hint of spice. Next time I will more finely slice the orange zest. Easy and tasty


A nice tasty dish - not super sweet, definitely citrusy. Zested the orange peel with my microplane, worked perfectly. Not sure why I didn’t think about it before I started cooking, but make sure you line your pan well - all that sugar caramelizes into cement on the sides of the pan!


When using citrus fruit, if not organic, then remember to scrub the peel to remove pesticides.


Bartenders have two tools that we could use for creating the orange peel strips. One cuts a channel roughly ¼" wide, the other creates five very thin pieces of zest. They might be worth looking for and using instead of following the instructions in Step 1. Using a microplane will provide the flavor but not the bite you want in this recipe.


What a bright, invigorating dish! We loved this. Found it to be a very forgiving recipe, too—a little more or less of something isn’t gonna screw it up. Also, I soaked the orange peels in the juice for about 20 minutes and think that kept them from getting too chewy.


I cut the potatoes much thinner, into around 1/4 inch rounds which I cut in half or quarters to get closer to bite size. I cooked at 375 bit covered for half the time to prevent the glaze from burning. Total cooking time of one hour. This was really good. Sweet with a hint of spice. Next time I will more finely slice the orange zest.


This is fabulous. Like others, I sliced thinner (and halved the recipe), and ended up with a 70 minute baking time. It's tangy-sweet rather than goopy-sweet, like most glazed sweet potatoes. If you don't like marmalade, the orange zest strips probably aren't for you, but we were licking our plates.


I applaud the thinner, smaller sized pieces and the zesting of the orange peel. I thought it looked too monochromatic at the end so I added chives for some flavor. I also sprinkled cayenne on the sweet potatoes to give it a little kick and offset the sweetness.

Rob R

Made as written. Not just good, fantastic. Think marmalade. Both sweet and slightly bitter.


Excellent recipe, a welcome change from the usual sweet potatoes (aka yams). Next time I will reduce amount of sugar by half, since there's lots of sugar in the citrus (and the sweet potatoes). I added a pinch of cumin for a more complex flavor and next time I'll increase it to 1/2 tsp. FYI, to get 1 1/4 cups juice, I needed fewer citrus fruits-- 2 oranges, 1/2 lemon, 1 lime.


For those who wonder about the longer cooking time, remember that the sweet potatoes are placed in the oven while raw. Other similar recipes use sweet potatoes that have been already boiled and this reduces the time needed to bake them. That's my assumption. I have not made this recipe but I am considering making it. It looks really elegant. Do use one of the tools recommended in the comment by "Alice." They are widely available and very useful in easily creating thin pieces of zest.


I grew sweet potatoes in my garden for the first time this year. I’ve been looking for a new recipe to use them for thanksgiving besides the usual mashed marshmallow treatment. This looks like a perfect way to use the smaller ones. Non vedo l’ora!


Outstanding. Made as written and cutting all in half then used an 8x8 ceramic dish. Took 1hr 10 min to be perfectly done. We eat a lot of sweet potatoes at our house and always on the look out for new ways to use them. This may be our fav recipe for them of 2021. It will be in regular rotation.


Head's up: the 'total time' at the top of the recipe is WILDLY off base, this thing will take close to four hours to make. The 'total time' reads 2.5 hours and then the last step tells you to put the dish into the oven for 1.5-2 hours, though mine needed 2.5 hours just in the oven. Preparing the dish requires a LOT of peeling and chopping--I didn't read carefully enough in advance & ended up having to grab takeout at 8pm and save the dish for the next night.Otherwise, quite tasty.


Made this as described but with 1/2 inch slices of sweet potato. Big hit! This recipe is a grown-up version of candied sweet potatoes. Be careful at the end that the glaze doesn’t burn in the bottom of the pan.

J Skoble

Simply delicious. I couldn't think of a better way to serve sweet potatoes at the Thanksgiving table.


Preparing sweet potatoes for vegans....(sad to ask) any tips on substitution for butter?


What would you substitute to make this Vegan? Typically I use EVOO but I’m not sure that would work in this case.


With regard to my previous question about substituting butter, I forgot to add I don’t use vegan butter because of the processed oil (keeping to EVOO only)..


Followed recipe exactly except used orange zest instead of strips. Was such a hit! Perfect texture and balance between sweetness and citrus. If you don’t like overly sweet candied potatoes, try this. Complemented the turkey and the other sidings fabulously.

Jane S

I used 1 1/2lbs of baby new potatoes, cut in half, instead of sweet potatoes. Used one orange and half the recipe quantities for everything else. Baked at 400F until the potatoes were cooked and the sauce was jammy. I wanted something fruity to serve with the NYT Pan Seared Pork Chops with Pineapple recipe and this just worked perfectly! So good!


Could orange marmalade be subbed in for part of the sauce


Citrus is a nice addition. The potatoes cooked faster than recipe time. But we saved them from burning!


I agree with Kate - this is a very forgiving recipe. I used a very light touch with a channel knife to cut delicate strips of orange peel & then soaked them in the juice, per Kate’s suggestion. Either I was way off on the amount of juice I used or a convection oven doesn’t Cook down the glaze. It was still soupy so the next morning I removed the potatoes & cooked down the glaze in a separate pot until it was thick & syrupy. Mixed it with the potatoes again & reheated it for /2 hour. Delicious!


These were a huge hit at Thanksgiving, even among avowed sweet potato haters. Based on comments, I went the route of the citrus zester tool (Oxo has a great one) and it made for delicate little orange strips that were easy to eat. I added some grated ginger that was leftover from a salad dressing and it added a little bit of complexity. The glaze turned into a beautiful syrup after the full 2 hours. So much great citrus flavor. Loved this dish!


Outstanding recipe. Easy to fix and baking a day ahead and then reheating makes a huge difference in taste. Instead of the vegetable peeler mentioned get a Messermeister zester which takes very thin (width and depth) strips off of the fruit. Recipe is perfect as is.

Stephanie R

This is a very fiddly recipe and time consuming, but it is well worth the trouble. The bits of orange peel need to marinate in the orange/lemon juice for a while or they will be tough as others have stated. I recommend making it the day before you plan to serve it.

Linda PA

Best I have made. Glazed very well. Zest grated. Not strips. Absolutely basted. Took full 60 min.

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Citrus-Glazed Sweet Potatoes Recipe (2024)
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