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Posting Details

​Benefits of Working at UNCW

Want to become a soaring UNCW Seahawk and work at one of the bestuniversities on the East Coast? Want to put your toes in the sandafter a day of work? The University of North Carolina Wilmingtonoffers a wonderfully vibrant university community along with abeautiful location just miles from the beach.

Employees of UNCW are provided a comprehensive benefits package aswell as other programs, resources, policies, and practices thathelp to support a work/life balance. Our programs have beendesigned to provide a variety of choices to best fit your needs andthe needs of your family. Full time employees are eligible fordental, vision and health insurance plans. Health insurance benefitplans eligibility begins on the first of the month following dateof hire. Retirement plan contributions begin on the eligibilitydate following election and include employer contributions foreither a defined contribution or a defined benefit plan. Optionaldisability plans are also available.

Full time employees are also eligible for the tuition waiverprogram which covers the cost of tuition and fees for up to three(3) undergraduate or graduate courses per academic year at UNCW orany other university within the UNC System. In addition, UNCWcovers the cost of tuition and fees for one UNCW course each summersession.

As a full time employee, UNCW also offers a free membership to theCampus Recreation Center, free vaccine and booster shots offered oncampus, meditation and yoga sessions, voluntary supplementalinsurance coverages, pretax flexible spending accounts, 12 paidholidays, 24 hours of paid community service leave time, paidvacation and sick leave accrual and family medical leave after 12months of continuous service.

We also offer an abundance of training and development programsthrough our Dare toLearn Academy ,and the employeeassistance program , many of which are offered free ofcharge.

Recruitment Range
$40,306 - $47,024

Vacancy Number

Position Title
Business Services Coordinator

Working Title
Facilities Business Services Coordinator

Competency Level

Home Department
Facilities Administration - 35240

Primary Purpose of Organizational Unit

The Facilities Administration department provides multiple servicesto 250+ Facilities personnel and leadership to all administrativeemployees. Areas of responsibility includes system administration,Finance, Budget, staffing and personnel management, procurement andinventory management.

Facilities - 35200 College

College/School Information

University Information

The University of North Carolina Wilmington, the state’s coastaluniversity, is dedicated to the integration of teaching, mentoring,research and service. Widely acknowledged for its world-classfaculty and staff and continuously recognized at a national levelfor scholarly excellence and affordability, UNCW offers a powerfulacademic experience that stimulates creative inquiry and criticalthinking and a community rich in diversity, inclusion and globalperspectives.

A public institution with nearly 18,000 students, UNCW offers afull range of baccalaureate- and graduate-level programs, as wellas doctoral degrees in educational leadership, marine biology,nursing practice and psychology; and many distance learningoptions, including clinical research, an accelerated RN-to- BSNprogram, an Executive M.B.A. program structured for workingprofessionals, and the nation’s only bachelor’s degree programfocused on coastal engineering.

The university’s efforts to advance research and scholarlyactivities have earned UNCW the elevated designation of “DoctoralUniversities: High Research Activity” institution (R2 University)by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of HigherEducation.

UNCW has been part of the University of North Carolina System since1969.

Location of Workplace
Main UNCW Campus

Brief Summary of Work for this Position

The primary purpose of the Facilities Business Coordinator positionis to provide a full range of business, fiscal and administrativefunctions to address the business program areas and integratedservices.
Responsibilities include:

  • A high concentration in Leave keeping for 250+ Facilitiesemployees; Following university and state policies, this includes abi-weekly audit of SmartTime leave reports and time entry, and amonthly audit of WebTime and MoveTime for students, temps, and SHRAnon-exempt employees
  • This position trains new employees on how to use the leavesystems and works to identify and eliminate discrepancies in leavekeeping and how to avoid them
  • Management of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) provisionsfor 250+ employees across campus
  • Uniform issuance, maintenance, return and billing program forcampus workers which requires Excel work, close employeeinteraction and collaboration with uniform vendors
  • Assist with departmental onboarding activities includingorientation and training for 250+ employees
  • Complete multiple tasks using different electronic dataprocessing systems to analyze financial information for facilitiesmanagement; Specifically, managing the synergy of interconnectedsystems including a work order system (such as AiM) with aninventory system (similar to uShop to order and receive goods),with a payment system ( such as Chrome River for direct payinvoices), and with a funding system ( like Banner). Analysis ofthese functions for financial management requires the ability toreview, examine and prepare documents and to successfully interactwith various departments across campus to resolve issues andefficiently navigate facilities financial processes
  • Ability to enact transactional data and possess an audit typeof skill to perform follow-up work for reconciling
  • Microsoft Teams fluency is required to collaborate with campusmembers as required
  • May be asked to participate in annual physical inventory,special projects and other duties as assigned, which may be relatedto employee programs and verification processes
  • Manage and maintain records, files, and positions through theImage Now system

* This position has been designated as mandatory personnel for theUniversity and may be required to report to work during adverseweather conditions even though the University may be operating onan alternate schedule.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in business administration or a relateddiscipline; or an equivalent combination of training andexperience. All degrees must be received from appropriatelyaccredited institutions.

Preferred education, professional skills and experience

  • Ability to adjust methods of communication and processing tothe variety of customers served Attention to detail and anunderstanding of private sensitive personnel data
  • Ability to prioritize, be flexible, and assist in departmentalneeds to complete time sensitive tasks
  • Experience with SmartTime, WebTime and Move Time or similarLeave keeping systems
  • Experience withAiM or a similar Work Order system
  • Experience with uShop or similar purchase order and receivingsystem
  • Experience with Chrome River or similar direct pay invoicingsystem
  • Experience with Banner or similar Funding system
  • Experience with Teams or similar conference calling tool
  • Experience with Campus Reservation Systems or similarconference room reservation systems tools
  • Experience with Image Now System or similar for position andfile saving and maintenance

Required Certifications or licensure


1.0 (40 hours per week)

Months Per Year
12 Months

Work Days
Monday - Friday

Work Hours
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Type of Position

Anticipated Ending Date if Time-Limited

Position Number

Job Posting Date

Posting Close Date

Number of Openings
Single Incumbent

Special Notes to Applicants

PLEASE NOTE : This posting will close at 11:59PM (Eastern time) onthe posted closing date. To receive full consideration, please besure you have fully completed the entire application, including the‘Work History’ section before you apply for this position.Applications must be submitted through the online applicationsystem to be considered.

EEO Statement

At the University of North Carolina at Wilmington ( UNCW ), ourculture reflects our values of inclusion, diversity, globalization,ethics and integrity and innovation and we are committed toproviding equality of educational and employment opportunity forall persons without regard to race, sex (such as gender, genderidentity, marital status, childbirth, and pregnancy), age, color,national origin (including ethnicity), religion, disability, sexualorientation, political affiliation, veteran status, militaryservice member status, genetic information, or relationship toother university constituents – except where sex, age, or abilityrepresent bona fide educational or occupational qualifications orwhere marital status is a statutorily established eligibilitycriterion for State funded employee benefit programs. UNCW believesthat embracing the unique contributions of our faculty, staff andstudents is critical to our success and paramount in beingrecognized for our global mindset.

Eligibility for Employment

Final candidates are subject to criminal & sex offenderbackground checks. Some vacancies also require credit or motorvehicle checks. UNC Wilmington participates in E-Verify. Federallaw requires all employers to verify the identity and employmenteligibility of all persons hired to work in the UnitedStates.

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Applicant Documents
Required Documents

  1. Resume
  2. Cover Letter

Optional Documents

  1. List of 3 Professional References

Posting Specific Questions

Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

  1. * How did you learn of this opportunity with UNCW? (2024)
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    • UNCW Job Alert
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    • Other
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Facilities Business Services Coordinator - Wilmington, North Carolina, United States job with University of North Carolina at Wilmington | 37662129 (2024)
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