Mumbai: Proibição permanente de bicicletas, veículos de três rodas e veículos pesados ​​no conector BKC-Chunabhatti | Notícias de Mumbai - Times of India (2023)

MUMBAI: A restrição de veículos de duas rodas, veículos de três rodas e veículos pesados ​​noBKC-ChunabhattiO conector foi tornado permanente peloPolícia de Trânsito de Mumbaina segunda-feira.
Em comunicado, a polícia disse que a decisão foi tomada tendo em vista o "fluxo rápido e livre de tráfego" em ambos os braços da ponte.
O Conector BKC-Chembur, construído pelaMMRDA, foi aberto ao público em 2019. O custo estimado do projeto foi de mais de Rs 150 crore.
Placas colocadas na parte inferior do conector diziam que caminhões, reboques, veículos de duas e três rodas não são permitidos, mas os ônibus podem circular.

Um localPCNo corporator realizou um "comício de bicicleta" logo após o lançamento do viaduto como forma de protesto. A polícia disse que, como é uma estrada elevada, permitir o movimento de veículos de duas rodas, três rodas e veículos pesados ​​pode ser perigoso.
Outros trechos da cidade onde veículos de duas rodas são proibidos são o viaduto JJ, Eastern Freeway, Bandra-Worli Sealink eEstrada de ligação Ghatkopar-Mankhurdviaduto.


Why bikes are not allowed on Mumbai Sea Link? ›

On a normal day, only cars are allowed to use the bridge after paying a toll fee. So it's a revenue generation avenue for the government or the private agency who has been handed over the contract to run the show. Hence, cyclists are prohibited to use the bridge.

Why bikes are not allowed on BKC connector? ›

Mumbai: Permanent ban on bikes, three wheelers, heavy vehicles on BKC-Chunabhatti connector |... ​​ In a statement, the police said that the decision was made in view of "fast and free flow of traffic" on both arms of the bridge.

Are bikes allowed in BKC? ›

Mumbai: Permanent ban on bikes, three wheelers, heavy vehicles on BKC-Chunabhatti connector. MUMBAI: The restriction on two wheelers, three wheelers and heavy vehicles on the BKC-Chunabhatti Connector was made permanent by the Mumbai Traffic Police on Monday.

Are autos allowed in BKC? ›

Two-wheelers and autos can never access the BKC connector, with the traffic department imposing a permanent ban on these vehicles on the overpass.

What is the toll charges for Mumbai Sea Link? ›

For single journeys, SUVs and cars should pay Rs. 70, Light Commercial Vehicles and Tempo pay Rs. 110, and trucks and buses deliver Rs. 145.

How much does Sea Link cost in Mumbai? ›

The Economic Times criticized the delays and shoddy construction of Bandra–Worli Sea Link. First, the cost was not the projected ₹3 billion but actually cost ₹16 billion or about 23% cost overrun.

Is two wheeler allowed on Mumbai sea link? ›

Two-wheelers are not allowed on the sea link. Abhijeet Gurav, 22, was riding a two-wheeler while his friend Tushar Pagi, 18, was riding pillion. The two were heading home after visiting Bandra Bandstand, where they had gone to see Bollywood actor Salman Khan's house, when Pagi told Gurav that he needed to urinate.

Can I bring foldable bike into mall? ›

Having an LTA-approved foldable bike like the CarryMe micro folding bicycle also would eliminate the need to consider where to park your bicycle, as you can simply fold your bike and bring it into malls, cafes, even onto public transport.

Are you allowed to put bikes on trains? ›

Many train operators allow bikes onboard. On some trains, you need to reserve a space for your bike before you travel. Make sure you check the specific cycle policies for each train company you travel with. You can also park your bike at lots of stations – search our Stations page for more information.

What is the cost of Yulu bike rental in Mumbai? ›

Yulu Miracle Bike Price

A base fare of Rs. 5 is charged upon unlocking the bike and a fare of Rs. 2 is charged per minute till you end the ride. A price of Rs 185 is charged every day for long term rentals from 8 to 15 days.

What is the price of Yulu bike in Mumbai? ›

Yulu Wynn price starts at ₹ 55,555 and goes upto ₹ 55,555 (Ex-showroom). Yulu Wynn comes in 1 variants. Yulu Wynn top variant price is ₹ 55,555.

Are bikes allowed in Kings Park? ›


Welcome to Kings Park and Botanic Garden. Cycling is permitted on all roads, but restricted to designated pedestrian/cycle paths only. Cyclists must abide by the WA Road Traffic Code 2000 and adhere to Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority Regulations, signs and directions – Penalties apply.

Why cars are not allowed in South Mumbai? ›

It is illegal for a three-wheeler vehicle to enter South Mumbai. Auto rickshaws operating in the rest of Mumbai cannot go past the southern edge of Bandra Fire Station in Western Mumbai and Sion Bus Depot in Central Mumbai. This rule is implemented to primarily ease congestion on the streets of South Mumbai.

Which part of Mumbai autos are not allowed? ›

Of these districts, the administrations have allowed autorickshaws to operate only in the Mumbai Suburban & Thane districts. Autos are not allowed to operate in the Mumbai City District. The reasons for this may be political, but also pragmatic.

Are buses allowed on BKC connector? ›

Also, while buses are allowed, trucks and trailers have been banned from the bridge. A sign at the bottom of the connector stated that trucks, trailers, two- and three-wheelers are not allowed on the connector. However, buses have been allowed.

Is bike allowed from Mumbai to Alibaug ferry? ›

The RoPax ferry service has a capacity of up to 500 passengers and 150 vehicles. It includes cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Which vehicles are allowed on Bandra Worli sea link? ›

Two and three-wheelers are not allowed on the Sea link. Toll rates range from INR 70 to 145 for a single journey depending on the vehicle type (Car/LCV/Heavy vehicle). The rates for return journey ranges from INR 105 to 215 and a day pass costs between INR 175 to 360.

Can I carry my bicycle in Mumbai local train? ›

You can carry a bicycle in the luggage compartment but for that, you need a separate one-way ticket for the bicycle, which generally ranges between 150 -300 Indian Rupees. Though you can't take it in passenger coach due to crowd, some people might do that in non-peak hours and that is illegal.

Can you bring bikes into Sea Pines? ›

Can I ride my bike into Sea Pines? Sea Pines is accessible by car for a daily fee of $9, unless you're a guest of a property owner. There is a $1 fee per bicycle attached to your car. Once in you can ride anywhere you'd like (within reason) but it's best to stick to the pathways.

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