RAID 5th Anniversary Summon Events - RAID Shadow Legends (2024)

RAID 5th Anniversary Summon Events - RAID Shadow Legends (1)

Published On: March 7, 2024

RAID 5th Anniversary Summon Events - RAID Shadow Legends (2)

Plarium has announced a huge weekend of summoning for the RAID 5th Anniversary, which will run alongside the Fusion for Armanz the Magnificent.

This will be an amazing opportunity to bolster your account with some of RAID’s best reviving supports, and help you carry your teams through to victory!

This set of events will feature alongside the Summon Rush Event for the Armanz Fusion, where you will be able to pick up 25 Fragments towards your first copy of the Epic Champion, Khafru the Deathkeeper.

With that being said, let’s dive into it and check Plarium’s announcement…

Plarium Announecment

Hey y’all!

I have some news about the upcoming events:

This Friday, March 8th, we’re planning to launch Progressive Chance Event, giving you at least x15 chance to summon the Champions of your choice from the selected pool from Ancient, Primal, Sacred, and Void Shards.

1 Slot Legendary Champions:

  • duch*ess Lilitu
  • Pythion
  • Mighty Ukko
  • Elva Autumnborn
  • Wight Queen Ankora
  • Arbiter
  • Belletar Mage-slayer
  • Rakka Viletide
  • Raglin

1 Slot Epic Champions:

  • Uugo
  • Rector Drath
  • Gorgorab
  • Godseeker Aniri
  • Ursala the Mourner

This event will last 72 hours.

Also, on Friday, March 8th, we’re planning to launch an Extra Legendary event for Ancient Shards

You’re already familiar with the mechanics, if you summon a Legendary Champion from an Ancient Shard during this event, you’ll get a different, extra one from that same Shard. It works only once per user per event.

You won’t be charged Silver for the Extra Summon. However keep in mind, that the Extra Champion won’t be counted towards Quests, Events, or Tournaments.

And finally, on Saturday, March 9th, we’re planning to launch an Extra Legendary event for Sacred Shards

The rules of this event are the same as for the Extra Legendary event for Ancient Shards described above.

Both Extra Legendary events will be active for 36 hours.

What are Progressive Summon Events?

Progressive Summons are a new type of Summoning Event, that was released at the latter end of 2023, which gives us an increased opportunity to get our hands on some of our most wanted Champions in RAID, the way this works is quite simple:

Select a Champion who you would like to receive a boost for (This grants a 15x boost to getting them) – once selected, begin to pull your shards, for every single pull of that rarity, Let’s say for example you have selected a Legendary, each Legendary who is NOT the Champion who you have selected will boost your chance of getting them next time up to 25x boosted rates, which is a huge difference to the 10x Events we used to exclusively get – and whilst these have not replaced 10x Events, they are very frequent so we get lots of opportunities to try and grab those Champions that we are hunting for!

We have a full in-depth breakdown of Progressive Summons and how they work in another article from when Progressive Summons were released, which you can view from the button below.

Check out our Progressive Summon Breakdown

Choosing your Boosted Champions

When it comes to picking which Champions you are going to boost, there are many great options in this summon pool, and nearly all of them will benefit your account.

Every single account is different, so it’s hard for us to say exactly what you should go for without knowing what you have, so if you are missing a key option here, that is likely the one for you, but what we will do is detail who we believe are the ‘key picks’ in this set of progressive summons.


First of all, 3 of the Non-Void Champions are previous Fusions, so it’s likely that many people will already have them, and as much as they are seriously strong Champions, we won’t dive into those in this section, you can instead view their Fusion Guides where we give full detail on our thoughts on them:

View our Full Pythion Guide

View our Full Ukko Guide

View Our Full Ankora Guide

That leaves 2 Non-Void Legendaries, duch*ess Lilitu and Elva Autumnborn – both are incredibly valuable Champions, but one is a standout that is one of the more desirable supports in the game.

duch*ess Lilitu is our must-pick in this section if you do not have her, or even, if you want a 2nd for other purposes – It’s also worth noting that Elva Autumnborn was a previous Guaranteed Champion, so again, many people will already have her.

She is one of the most versatile legendaries in the game capable of carrying teams in any content. She is also one of the strongest Arena Defence champions to keep your team alive and enable your damage dealers to ‘hide’ behind her veil.

She will be a great champion for you if you are struggling to overcome any content, especially strong in an HP burn team as the carry/support.

View Our Full duch*ess Guide

View Our Full Elva Guide

Next up we’ve got the Void Legendaries, and of course, the first one we’re going to talk about is Arbiter, we do not recommend picking Arbiter as your boosted Champion here since she is available for free for everybody through the Progress Missions.

So, when it comes to the rest of the options, Rakka Viletide, Raglin and Belletar Mage-slayer.

Now don’t get me wrong, Raglin is a great Champion in her own regard, however, she may be a little dated these days, Rakka Viletide and Belletar Mage-slayer just bring more to the table. Not only do they provide support through strong buffs and revives, but they also bring things like [Increase ATK], Turn Meter Boosting, and in Belletar’s case, Cooldown reductions which just offer more – ontop of this, Raglin can only revive a single-target at a time, whilst both Belletar and Rakka provide AOE Revives.

View Our Arbiter Guide

View Our Belletar Guide

View Our Rakka Guide

View Our Raglin Guide

Epic Champions:

Now, onto the Epic Champions, once again they are all fantastic in their own right, and it depends where you are in the game as to what you will want to focus on acquiring:

Gorgorab is an amazing early-game option for a Speed Booster for Arena, however, once you acquire Arbiter, he will drop off and be used less frequently, maybe even relegated to only being used in niche situations and Faction Wars.

Rector Drath and Uugo however, retain their value much later in the game, with Uugo prevailing as the ‘best’ option here due to her diversity in nearly all content areas, but most notably how strong she is for Hydra Clan Boss with her Cleasing, Pseudo-Revives, Decrease DEF, AND Block Buffs ticking so many boxes in one Champions skills.

Rector Drath is the kind of Champion that will really carry you a long way if you do not have somebody like duch*ess Lilitu from the above Legendaries, however, will drop off slightly as those Champions are acquired – which is why we believe that the go-to here is Uugo.

View our Full Rector Drath Guide

View our Full Uugo Guide

View Our Full Gorgorab Guide

Finally, we have the two Void options here, and once again this is an incredibly hard pick – however, Godseeker Aniri just stands out above Ursala in our opinion due to the fact that Ursala’s job can be done by many others.

Ursala is a great support, with a full-team revive, but she is somewhat replaceable by Champions like Arbiter, duch*ess Lilitu etc, she serves as a great filler option before acquiring those Champions, as well as very strong in Faction Wars and in niche content where you need epics with skills like hers.

Godseeker Aniri however, provides immense healing, strong revives, and Buff Extention, whilst also having a passive skill that enables her to thrive in content such as Sand Devil’s Necropolis – she is undoubtedly one of the most favourable Epic Champions in the game when it comes to supports.

View our Full Godseeker Guide

View our Full Ursala Guide

Should you be pulling shards?

The decision on whether or not to summon for the RAID 5th Anniversary Summoning events rests entirely on you, however, we would not be doing our job if we didn’t highlight a few key points to consider when making that decision:

  • This is part of the Summon Rush Event for the active Fusion to acquire Armanz the Magnificent, 25 out of the required 400 Fragments are in this event, so if you are going for the Fusion, you will want to go for this event.
  • There is no boosted rates to the shards (2x is not active) meaning you will only have the standard chance to get a Legendary from your shards, rather than increased odds, this means that Ancient Shards and Void Shards will only have a 0.5% chance of yielding a Legendary, whilst Sacreds will have a 6% chance and Primal Shards will have a 1% chance.
  • The 2-For-1 Event running simultaneously with this is a great opportunity to get lucky and double your profit, if you are lucky enough to activate the bonus, you will get 2 legendaries for the cost of one, meaning you only need to pity Mercy once, worst case scenario, whilst even in a 2x Event, you could fail to hit 2 legendaries in as many shards.

Are you going for the RAID 5th Anniversary Summon Event? Let us know in the comments!


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RAID 5th Anniversary Summon Events - RAID Shadow Legends (21)


1 month ago

Other things to consider with Raglin – her revive is on a very low 2 turn CD, and she boosts the TM of 3 allies with her A1. I have her built in Relentless and she works incredibly well for keeping TM topped up.

I still wouldn’t go for her over Rakka, as she is indeed dated, but it’s something nifty that she can do and is overlooked.



RAID 5th Anniversary Summon Events - RAID Shadow Legends (22)


1 month ago

Well, what can I say: 2 x Uugo and 1 x duch*ess with 40 ancient shards, thank you Plarium!


RAID 5th Anniversary Summon Events - RAID Shadow Legends (23)


29 days ago

On the 1+1 Ancients I got a Ukko and Michinaki… Then on the 1+1 Sacreds I got duch*ess and Maranix… Pretty sweet!

Last edited 29 days ago by Spidee321


RAID 5th Anniversary Summon Events - RAID Shadow Legends (2024)
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