Summer Bucket List Printable (2024)

Free printable Summer Bucket List for kids and families! Lots of fun summer activities to have the most amazing summer EVER! Plus 15 more summer printables for even MORE fun!

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Summer Bucket List

Who’s ready to have the most amazing summer ever?! There are just SO many cool ideas and fun outdoor activities to do before the Summer months are over!

Every Summer we try to jam in as many craft projects, new recipes, and fun activities as we can. It seems a bit overwhelming trying to accomplish all of the things we want to do as a family. To make it easier, this year we put together a list of fun Summer bucket list ideas that are perfect for keeping the fun rolling all season long!

From popsicles and s’mores to swimming and stargazing, this Free Printable Summer Bucket List is full of easy and inexpensive ideas to help your family have an incredible summer of fun!

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Fun Summer Bucket List

We could have easily come up with 100 ideas for our Summer Bucket List Printable, but since there’s only SO much time in summer (😭😭😭), we narrowed it down to our top 36 favorite ideas to get you started!

Feel free to add your own ideas like visiting a park, or an outdoor concert. or your local farmer’s market!

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What is a Bucket List?

A bucket list is a list of things you’d like to do or accomplish in a given timeframe. A bucket list is generally considered to be a list of things to do before you die (or “kick the bucket,” hence the term), but people often create a list that corresponds to different seasons (or seasons of life) as well.

Our summer bucket list is full of summer activities and fun ideas for the whole family to enjoy!

Make sure to keep reading all the way to the bottom of this post for 15 more Totally Free Summer Printables that I know you’re going to love!

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36 Summer Bucket List Ideas

1. Make Popsicles – Homemade popsicles really hit the spot on those sweltering days!

2. Go Swimming – Swimming is a great way to get some physical activity in, and still manage to stay cool. If you don’t have a pool of your own, consider purchasing a kiddie pool. Even just dipping in your toes can be a splashing good time!

3. Play Volleyball – Heading to the local park or a community center is a great place for making new friends.

4. Family Movie Night – Check out 100 of our favorite family movies! Consider hosting an outdoor movie night in your neighborhood; all you need is a projector, a white sheet and some comfy seating.

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5. Stargaze – Stargazing during those perfectly temperate Summer nights is a great idea for anyone who adores astronomy. Heading to a more rural area is the best way to see clear constellations, or catch a pretty meteor shower.

6. Watch Fireworks – Of course, the Fourth of July is the best time of year for the entire family to sit back and enjoy some dazzling fireworks in action! If you can’t manage to see any fireworks where you live, you can make these cool 4th of July Rockets using our easy, step-by-step instructions.

7. Go to the Library – If you can’t make it to your local library, check out OverDrive for free e-books and audiobooks.

8. Build a Fort – If you’re like us, sometimes Summer can bring a random rainy day, too. Hiding in big, comfy, blanket forts make for great indoor fun!

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9. Make Tie-Dye Shirts – We’ve already crossed this one of our to-do list! This activity was a blast for both the kids and adults, alike. if you need help getting started, here are the supplies you’ll need to make your own tie-dye kit.

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10. Grow Sunflowers – If you can’t plant in your own backyard, head over to the local nature center for a peak at what’s blooming!

11. Play Hide & Seek – This classic game always brings endless hours of indoor or outdoor fun!

12. Make S’mores – Our favorite summer nights are spent around the campfire! Go beyond the classic graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate recipe with these yummy gourmet s’mores ideas!

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13. Go on a Picnic – It’s always the right time for a picnic! Pack up a few supplies and head somewhere special for the day, or just enjoy a relaxing day in the backyard together. You’ll be glad you did!

14. Build a Sandcastle – Going to the beach is a great way to beat the heat, and there’s no more perfect summer activity than building a towering sandcastle while getting in some precious family time.

15. Go on a Bike Ride – OK – I’m not always a huge fan of the heat, but this activity is easy and breezy!

16. Do a Science Experiment – Or our favorite, a CANDY science experiment! YUM!

17. Take a Hike – Summer break is a great time to explore new places! Take an adventure to a national park or a local hiking area near you.

18. Bake Cookies – There’s no better time to try whipping up something new and tasty!

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19. Have a Water Balloon Fight – These crocheted water balloons are totally awesome and environmentally friendly!

20. Run a Lemonade Stand – This is the perfect opportunity for your older kids to practice their entrepreneurship ( AND to get rid of a backyard full of lemons 😉!).

21. Play Frisbee – Craft some fun obstacles out of pool noodles or hula hoops for bonus points!

22. Make Homemade Pizza – Or Pizza Pancakes!

23. Draw with Sidewalk Chalk – We loved making our own sidewalk chalk paint!

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24. Blow Bubbles – Chasing bubbles make for such fun activities for even the tiniest tots!

25. Backyard Camping – Skip going to Summer camp and create your own camp in your very own backyard! We love playing this camping scavenger hunt and camping bingo games!

26. Watch the Sunset – There’s no better time to catch a photo-worthy sunset than during the peak of Summer.

27. Make Friendship Bracelets or Paracord Bracelets for you and your best friends!

28. Fly a Kite – You can easily make your own DIY kite, here! Or, craft some cool paper airplanes, like these ones from Kidorzo!

29. Eat Watermelon – There’s nothing more refreshing than a delicious slice of watermelon on a hot summer day.

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30. Pick Strawberries – It’s so much fun picking your own fresh fruit. Kids will have a great time getting their hands a little dirty while berry picking and enjoying a sweet treat, too!

31. Family Game Night Here are some of our favorites!

32. Go Geocaching – Make your own geocache with small items from the dollar store to hide for the next person!

33. Make MilkshakesHomemade ice cream and summer go hand in hand, but this year, we’re stepping up our game with “Freakshake” milkshakes on our bucket list!

34. Take a Day Trip – There are plenty of opportunities to take a fun road trip and explore your local area! If you don’t want to travel too far, consider a quick drive to your local water park instead. A simple state park can even hold endless outdoor activities for you and your family.

35. Have a Backyard BBQ – Summer is the perfect time to fire up that grill! We love making these easy camping recipes on the grill at home, too.

36. Read a Book (or twelve!) – Indulge yourself in some new books, check out this list of beginner chapter books for young readers.

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As you participate in each activity, check it off of your annual Summer bucket list, and continue until you’ve checked off all the boxes! This is such a great summer bucket list that you’re sure to have a totally amazing summer!

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There are so many great summer printables in this collection! Which one are you going to download first?

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