Woah Vicky parents, net worth, real name, pregnant, boyfriend, Wiki Bio (2024)

• Woah Vicky is a 19 year-old Instagrammer who became known after claiming black ethnicity
• She comes from Zone 6 in Atlanta, Georgia, and is of African-American ethnicity
• She is currently single, but was in a relationship with Papi JJ in 2017
• She has gathered a large virtual community due to her controversial statements and promotions from big names
• Her net worth is estimated to be over $100,000 from paid appearances, merchandising, and promoting various brands.


  • 1 Origins and Childhood
  • 2 Family and Education
  • 3 Romantic life
  • 4 Becoming famous
  • 5 Controversies and shocking incidents

In these times when Instagram is making people famous overnight, a lot of teenagers and young people try to draw attention to their profiles, their lives and activity in order to gain followers and subsequently boost their bank accounts. Most of them have unusual messages to send to the world, putting their entire personality under the auspices of a single important idea or purpose. One of them is the 19 year-old Instagrammer Woah Vicky, who became known after claiming black ethnicity in some videos, despite her light skin and dark-blonde hair. So who is, in fact, this girl, followed by more than two million people on Instagram?

Origins and Childhood

Born on 7 May 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as Victoria Waldrip, Woah Vicky is of African-American ethnicity, and this latter fact plays a paramount role in her celebrity life. According to her previous statements, even from her childhood, she has been identifying herself with the American black community, which is somewhat surprising given the light color of her skin and hair. To emphasize even more this aspect of her life, she frequently mentions the fact that she comes from Zone 6, one of the most dangerous parts of Atlanta, but famous because big black rappers like Young Scooter, Gucci Mane, and Childish Gambino belong to it. In fact, her statements are disapproved by ex-boyfriend, Papi JJ, who claims Buckhead to be her real district.

Family and Education

Her father, Steve Waldrip, a pretty influential local real-estate businessman, never married Vicky’s mother, Carla Johnson. She also has a sister living in New York, but because of the over 10-year difference between their ages, the two sisters don’t have a very good relationship. Regarding her education, we could say her experience is pretty diverse – firstly she attended Marietta High School, but was then homeschooled by her father. Eventually, she finished high school through a distance education program, and got her diploma from Penn Foster High School. In her teenage years, she even tried to take a job as a hostess at a food joint, but due to her dynamic and volcanic personality she worked only a couple of days, denying being someone’s subaltern.

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Romantic life

Currently, there is little information about whether she is in a relationship or not, but authoritative sources consider her to be single. Earlier in 2017 she was with Papi JJ, and their relationship was often in the spotlight mostly due to the fact that Vicky regularly posted photos of the together, made videos with her boyfriend, and they were both involved in several scandals. The video PREGNANCY PRANK ON BOYFRIEND GOES HORRIBLY “WRONG” and the fact that they were both arrested are just a couple of examples of the adventures they got up to. They broke up in 2018 with Vicky accusing him of cheating, but also of strongly disapproving her controversial actions and attitude.

Becoming famous

Woah Vicky became a hit in the Instagram world, partly because of her controversial statements, and partly due to some important promotions she benefited from. The fact that big names like Snoop Dog and Chief Keef shared her story helped her gather a really big virtual community. On Instagram she posts provocative photos, and uploads short videos expressing her beliefs regarding some aspects of the modern, American and women’s life. In all of them, she displays a rather assertive attitude and sometimes even an aggressive tone, but these are part of her image. Besides Instagram, in 2017 she began uploading regularly onto her YouTube channel too – at the moment, more than half a million people are subscribed to this channel. One of her first viral videos was “The lotion challenge”, in which she tried to gulp a spoon of lotion. However, her iconic videos remain “My Ancestry Story” and “How to twerk”, as they have gathered the most views, partly being highly disputable.

Controversies and shocking incidents

Vicky is herself a controversial public person, which built her fame on unfiltered declarations which frequently made people raise their eyebrows. The most important thing to mention here is the fact that she claims to be of black race, supporting it with a DNA test that she has made on Ancestry.com, but which actually revealed that Victoria is 25% black. Regardless, she has adopted almost entirely black community members’ lifestyle, excessively using the N-word, which has raised a lot of controversy from both white and black perspectives.

Furthermore, she was arrested with her boyfriend on 24 February 2018 in a mall in Greensboro, North Carolina, on charges of trespassing, resisting arrest and violent behavior towards the police. They were soon released, but the event took Vicky to new heights of fame, or infamy. A lot of their friends wrote posts and filmed videos, expressing their support with the hash tag #freejjNvicky.

She is also in a perpetual fight with fellow star on Instagram Danielle Bregoli. They publicly insulted each other and also had an altercation in Glendale, California. Footages with those moments went viral on social media.

The interesting fact is how much money is added to her account after every public appearance. Authoritative sources estimate his total net worth to be over $100,000. Besides paid appearances, she earns money from merchandising and promoting various brands, mostly related to the black culture.

Woah Vicky parents, net worth, real name, pregnant, boyfriend, Wiki Bio (2024)


How tall is lil vicky? ›

Profile summary
Full nameVictoria Rose Waldrip
Height5'4" (162 cm)
Weight106 pounds (48 kg)
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBrown
20 more rows
Jul 24, 2023

How rich is Vicky? ›

Reportedly, Vicky Jain's estimated net worth is around Rs 100 crore. And, Ankita Lokhande's net worth is reportedly around Rs 25 crores, as per Siasat news.

What is Victoria Rose known for? ›

Victoria Rose is known for A Different Tree (2013), Pocketful of Posy (2011) and The Labyrinth (2017).

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King Lil G's height is 6 feet (182 cm).

How old is Lil Jeremy? ›

Lil Jairmy
Born1997 or 1998 (age 25–26) Houston, Texas U.S.
GenresHip hop Trap
Occupation(s)Rapper songwriter
Years active2015-present
2 more rows

How much is Vicky from Geordie Shore worth? ›

She has made around half the cash from lucrative Instagram posts. The TV star paid close to £200K to the taxman meaning with costs and expenses taken off she's turned over more than £1m. As of March 2024, she has a net worth of £5 million.

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