End of Year Activity: Summer Bucket List Collaborative Tessellation Project (2024)

This project is the perfect whole-class activity to end your school year or to do during summer school. It connects the individual with the group using tessellations, and it has a ton of “wow factor” when complete.

It’s fun for kids and easy for you as the teacher. I’ve done everything I can possibly do to make this a successful project. I’ve even included a teaching video.

Students will be amazed to see how their individual buckets all connect (tessellate) to create a larger bucket which is made up of the bucket lists of everyone else in the class!

This is a really fun, unique, and creative project, and I've tried to make it as easy as possible. I recommend watching the preview video and looking through the preview document to learn all about this project.

  • Students will each work on an individual tessellation piece in the shape of a beach bucket—I have included several designs and lots of options.
  • Students will write their summer “bucket list” on the individual bucket you select and then design and color it.
  • Once their individual piece is finished, they will cut it out.
  • The individual bucket pieces will be assembled (tessellated) to create a large “class” bucket.
  • I have included seashells and the pieces to make a “handle” on the final class bucket using the words, “OUR CLASS SUMMER BUCKET LISTS.”

  • Written instructions (with photographs)
  • Tessellation teaching video
  • 2 sets of tessellation designs (explained below)—each tessellation piece fits on regular 8.5" x 11" copy paper
  • Blank tessellation pieces
  • Decorative seashells, starfish, and sand dollar images/coloring pages to use to fill the bucket and/or scatter around it
  • The words "OUR CLASS SUMMER BUCKET LISTS" create a heading "handle" on the final class bucket.

I have included 2 sets of tessellation designs

Set #1 is designed for who can write small and color in small details. You can also mix these designs with any of the designs in set #2 or the blank options (good for differentiation). For this set, you will need to print the design you like (2 options—with and without lines to write on) and make enough copies for the entire class.

Set #2 is designed for who still write large and need more room to write their bucket list items. For this set, you have several options: 1) You can have students all do the same bucket design, and some will be upside down when displayed in the classroom bucket (including their writing); 2) You can have students draw pictures on the upside-down bucket pieces included in this set and use those for the upside-down pieces in the final display; or, 3) You can use one of the blank buckets included and print it on solid bright color paper and use those for the upside-down pieces.

Blank Designs: I have included 2 blank designs (one with a handle and one without anything) to allow you to completely adapt this project in whatever way you want!

Extras: I have also included a heading “handle” that is made up of the words, “OUR CLASS SUMMER BUCKET LISTS” and the seashell pages for decoration—make several copies of these pages so your bucket can be full of shells, starfish, and sand dollars.

Please see the chart in the preview to better explain your classroom bucket size options. You have 3 main options:

  • A bucket with 35 total pieces that is approximately 44" wide and 34" high (bucket only, not including handle and shells).
  • A bucket with 24 total pieces that is approximately 36" wide and 27" high (bucket only, not including handle and shells).
  • A bucket with 15 total pieces that is approximately 29" wide and 20" high (bucket only, not including handle and shells).

*Your exact classroom bucket size will depend on your printer settings.

Before starting this project, you could show my TESSELLATION TEACHING VIDEO to your students. In this video, I give your students a basic introduction to tessellation (so you don’t have to). I also explain to your students how this project works. Then you take it from there! Once you purchase this resource, you'll have access to this video.


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Thank you for supporting creativity in your classroom. I wish you and your students all the best.

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Thank you for supporting my work and infusing your classroom with art!

Jenny K.

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End of Year Activity: Summer Bucket List Collaborative Tessellation Project (2024)
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