The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (2024)

Before saying goodbye to school and hello to summer break, kick off the end of the year countdown to summer with this summer bucket list craft for kids! These end of the year activities are perfect for incorporating writing all the way up to the last day of school. Use these end of the year crafts to harness the excitement for summer, as students brainstorm summer bucket list ideas and plan the ultimate summer vacation. Plus, pair these summer crafts for kids with any of your favorite end of the year books!

The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (1)

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Summer Vacation Read Alouds

The end of the school year can be bittersweet for many students! To offset any end of the year jitters and get students excited about our summer bucket list craft, I read a variety of read alouds that focus on the joys of summer vacation.

Here are some of my favorite end of the year books about summer:

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End of the Year Summer Bucket List Craft & Writing Activities

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The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (4)

End of the Year Memory Book Graduation Craft & Writing Activities

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“Summer Vacation, Here I Come” by D.J. Steinberg follows a young boy as he counts down the days until the last day of school, imagining all of the fun adventures he’ll have during summer break.

“And Then Comes Summer” by Tom Brenner is a perfect end of the year book that showcases all that summer has to offer, including camping, swimming, eating ice cream, and chasing fireflies.

The Night Before Summer Vacation,” “Summer Days and Nights,” and “Summer Wonders,” are three additional books that would be great to read before beginning the summer bucket list craft.

Summer Bucket List Craft Prep

With three differentiated craft options, this customizable summer bucket list craft allows you to best fit the needs of your students, making it the perfect craft for preschool all the way through third grade!

The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (5)

Students can complete just one page as a single writing prompt.

They can also stack and staple the pages to create a book.

As a third option, the students can create a flip book with a book they want to read, a person they want to see, a place they want to go, and a thing they want to do.

No matter which option you choose for your students, prep is simple and quick!

Choose as many or as few writing prompts as you would like your students to complete. Then, print them on regular paper.

For the bucket craft pieces, print on colored paper or card stock. As an ode to summer, I like to use a variety of bright summer colors that students can mix and match when they assemble their bucket.

The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (7)

As an alternative, you can also just print on white paper and let the students design their bucket with markers and crayons.

Summer Bucket List Writing Activities

After reading one of the summer read alouds from above, it is time to start our summer bucket list craft.

For older students who will be completing multiple pages, I recommend working on a couple of pages a day.

The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (8)

Otherwise, I would have the students complete just a single writing prompt.

With the introduction of each new page, I have students orally share what they plan to write and draw for that specific page.

Sometimes, we share as a whole group. Other times, I pair the students with a partner.

I always model the page with my own example before sending the students off to work independently.

The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (9)

After all of the pages are finished, it is time to cut them out. I remind students to carefully cut along the thick, black line, using their best scissor cutting skills along the way.

Once all of the writing pages have been cut out, I save them for later!

Summer Bucket List Craft Directions

The next step is to put the bucket craft together!

First, I demonstrate how to glue the pieces together before letting the students do this independently. The assembly will depend on which craft option and writing pages you have selected.

For the individual writing piece, simply glue the page you have selected to the front.

The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (10)

For the book option, you will want to stack and staple the pages, along with the bucket cover placed on top.

With the flip book option, you will want to stack and staple the pages. Then, glue or staple the stack to the front of the bucket.

Don’t forget to carve out some time for students to share their completed summer bucket list craft with a buddy, before taking this adorable keepsake home!

Summer Bucket List Craft & Writing Activities

Grab this summer bucket list craft, including all three craft options here!

The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (11)

More End of the Year Crafts & Activities

Check out this complete list of End of the Year Read Alouds for more book options to pair with this craft!

The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (12)

Display this end of the year graduate craft at your Preschool or Kindergarten Graduation!

The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (13)

For a fun end of the year theme day, check out these Marshmallow Day activities!

The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (14)


The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (15)
The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (16)
The Best Summer Bucket List Craft for Kids (2024)


What's on your bucket list this summer? ›

Here's everything to have on your summer bucket list:
  • Watch the sunset on the beach.
  • Go to an outdoor movie screening.
  • Take a road trip.
  • Go on a hike.
  • Have a picnic in the park.
  • Learn a new language.
  • Attend a music festival.
  • Go camping.
Apr 25, 2023

What is a bucket list explanation for kids? ›

A bucket list is a list of the experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime. A bucket list is an itemized list of goals people want to accomplish before they “kick the bucket” — or die.

How do you make a summer bucket? ›

Tips for creating your summer bucket list
  1. Don't compare or compete. ...
  2. Don't treat it as a to-do list. ...
  3. Research Local Events. ...
  4. Include a mix of different kinds of activities. ...
  5. Watch a movie. ...
  6. Visit your local library. ...
  7. Read a book. ...
  8. Explore a museum or art gallery.

What is 1 thing on your bucket list? ›

Here are 55 exciting bucket list ideas to inspire your next adventure.
  • Sleep under the stars. Seksan Mongkhonkhamsao / Getty Images. ...
  • Visit your dream destination. France? ...
  • Go back to school. ...
  • Learn how to paint. ...
  • Read 100 books in a year. ...
  • Jump out of a plane. ...
  • Go on the most romantic date ever. ...
  • Bake a cake from scratch.

What's in my bucket activity? ›

Steps for attention bucket –

“I have something in my bucket, in my bucket, in my bucket, I have something in my bucket, I wonder what it is. (Sing and sign as shown in the video. An adult will then take out an item from the bucket, name the item and demonstrate using the toy. (Child is required to sit and observe).

What is your bucket list answer? ›

Include anything you like on your bucket list. List career goals, travel destinations, health, finance, or relationship goals. It can be as long or as short as you want. Really, if you can dream it, you can do it.

Is a bucket list a good idea? ›

There are many reasons why creating a bucket list is a great idea. Above all else, writing down your heart's desires somehow makes them feel more achievable, and may even make you more likely to go out and do the things you really want to. What's more, the act of writing your bucket list can be therapeutic in itself.

What does summer bucket list mean? ›

Start by coming up with a summer bucket list -- a list of things you'd love to do that aren't too far from home. From Fast Company. For others, it's just an item checked off a bucket list. From CBS Local. Start to write yourself a bucket list or vision board and begin to make plans to make that a reality.

How to make an aesthetic bucket list? ›

When creating your aesthetic bucket list, think about the experience you want to create, how you feel, your goals, people, and places you want to visit.

What is the list on my bucket? ›

The idiom 'bucket list' means a list of things that you want to do before you die. So if somebody says 'It's on my bucket list', they are talking about a thing they would like try at least once in their lifetime.

How do I find my bucket list? ›

  1. 1) Find Accountability.
  2. 2) Have multiple things you can do on a random Saturday.
  3. 3) Have other things that will take you years to accomplish.
  4. 4) Tell EVERYONE about your new bucket list goals.
  5. 5) Postcards don't always make the best bucket list items.
  6. 6) Think about all facets of life.
  7. 7) Add Something You've Already Done.
Apr 7, 2023

What to do in the summer when you're bored at home? ›

55 Things to Do at Home in the Summer (That Don't Require Any Outdoor Space)
  1. Start an Indoor Herb Garden. ...
  2. Makeover Your Entire Wardrobe. ...
  3. Find a New Workout Routine. ...
  4. Make a TBR Pile and Commit to It. ...
  5. Start a Book Club. ...
  6. Have A DIY Cooking Competition. ...
  7. Perfect Your Favorite Recipe. ...
  8. 8. …
Apr 29, 2024

What is a bucket list trip? ›

The term 'bucket list' is derived from the phrase 'kick the bucket', which is an English expression for dying. A travel bucket list is your personal list of destinations and experiences you want to of visiting and accomplish in your lifetime.

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